Privacy and Security Aggreement

  1. Our company has adopted various privacy guidelines for your personal information and data security in order to protect your individual and corporate privacy and to provide you with the best use of the system from the technological infrastructure being used. This privacy statement describes the policies and practices regarding the security and confidentiality of personal information you have given in the course of your business with us. These confidentiality guidelines are set out and declared by us to be applied in the collection and/or use of data in our Company's website (and all sub Internet sites) and mobile applications.

  2. Our company respects the privacy and security of its users' information and therefore makes every effort to take the necessary precautions. By using our company site or mobile application, you will declare and undertake in advance the obligation to observe privacy obligations and practices. You also agree that your personal information that you have provided to us may be collected and used by our Company, suppliers and/or brokerage agencies as set forth in this Confidentiality Agreement.

    You are expressly consent to visit our company or to shop and to use this site, the privacy policy and all current laws, regulations and legislation related to the site. The Privacy Statement will apply to all parts of the Web Site and our Company mobile application. We have the right to make corrections and updates in the Privacy Policy section at any time, without prior notice, in response to feedback to be made to one of the contact addresses specified on our company page. Our Company may update the Privacy Statement statements at any time. The user/member/visitor can be notified of new developments by reaching these declarations periodically.

  3. For the following purposes, we may access or disclose information about the content of your information, account, and/or communications with you:

    • Comply with legal or legal proceedings communicated to us,
    • Investigate or confirm probable breaches of the Terms of Use and the Distance Sales Agreement, including using this service to attend or assist in any illegal activity,
    • Protect our company, employees, customers or the rights, property or safety of the
  4. All information gathered by purpose for the following items is kept in a safe environment:

    • Processing and managing your booking and sale;
    • Establish link lists to enable statistics on your transactions and to maintain your connection to us;
    • Bringing together commercial statistics and analysis of site use and
    • Identification, verification and registration.
  5. We may use your Web Site and mobile application to notify you of other products or services that our Company and its affiliates, partners and agents have provided to you, or to communicate your current products, services, and sales announcements, as well as personal information that may be acquired through the site or mobile application.

  6. Your credit card information used during shopping is encrypted at the site independently by the SSL system which is the safest credit card payment system currently available and reaches the bank. This information can not be viewed, stored, copied and stored in any way by us or third parties except for the banks because it passes directly from the servers of the banks.

  7. In order for our company to provide you with the best possible service, it is imperative that you provide a number of personal information that varies according to the product or service requested, including, but not limited to, name, surname, identity document number, email.

    Our Company will not disclose any personal information or data transmitted by electronic means to visitors or users through our website or mobile applications to third parties in any way. This information; authentication and registration, reservation and sales transactions, and some statistics will be used for the purpose and will be encrypted with SSL technology during transmission. To use SSL, your browser must support SSL and your SSL option must be enabled. Data is protected by stringent security and confidentiality standards that are always essential to us after we receive it. The data you have entered are hidden by you during your transactions and legal requirements.

  8. Our company may cooperate in various ways with many third party institutions and organizations in order to make effective use of the services and services they offer. This cooperation; advertising, sponsorship, permitting marketing, data sharing and other legal commercial methods. Our company declares and undertakes to provide the means to allow communication/marketing on the basis of the communication as permitted by law, not to communicate outside the user's request, and to enable the user to leave the system freely and easily. If you want to unsubscribe at any time from our daily mailing list, click on the 'Please click to remove from our e-bulletin list' link at the bottom of the emails we send.

  9. Information that can be requested from users who respond to periodic or non-periodical surveys that can be arranged by our Company within the site can also be used by our Company and its collaborators or institutions to conduct direct marketing, statistical analysis and create a special database with this user.

  10. Our company can not be held responsible for the confidentiality of the information provided that users share their personal information on platforms accessible to other users. Users are responsible for any personal information they disclose on these platforms, and our Company is not responsible for any damages arising from the disclosure of this information.

  11. Our Company has the right to take all necessary precautions to prevent the disclosure of confidential information strictly private and confidential to the Company, to accept it as an obligation to keep it as a secret and to maintain and maintain confidentiality, to prevent the disclosure or unauthorized use of all or any part of the confidential information in the public domain or disclosure to a third party and undertakes to give full disclosure of all the relief that falls upon it.

  12. Customer information may only be disclosed to the authorities if such information is requested by official authorities and if it is necessary to make an announcement to the public authorities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable statutory legislation. All information entered by the customer into the system can only be accessed by the Customer and this information can only be changed by the Customer. It is not possible for someone else to access this information and change it.

  13. Our company may change the provisions of the confidentiality declaration on the condition that it publishes it on the Privacy Policy page as soon as it deems necessary. The provisions of the privacy statement that our company amends shall be deemed to have entered into force on the date of publication on the relevant page.

  14. The Pervious Confidentiality Agreement shall be interpreted together with the Terms of Use, together with the foregoing.

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